What’s next?

I am still learning my way around this site. It is more involved than Blogspot was. I think it will be great once I get it all figured out.

I have decided that I really need to find something to do that is of a giving nature. Something that will take me outside my own world. It is too easy to let the world shrink to be a little bubble around you. In my case, I stay home too much and I watch too much news and listen to too much talk radio. It really gets me riled up, and while that is a good thing as it affects change when it is a group, it isn’t a group, it is just me here and I end up feeling frustrated.

I am looking for a few volunteer things. I am going to the Children’s Outreach tomorrow. It is a children cancer ward and they take them goodies. I made cookies for them a few times, but I want to see if I can be more hands on. I am a little scared, I know that I will be playing with my heart. Those little kids are going to get under my skin, and I know that some of them will not grow up. This may be something that I can’t handle I don’t know, I want to try. I want to be a prayer warrior for these little ones. I want to maybe make them happy for a little while.

I want to find other things that I can do to get more involved in the community. I don’t live in the city limits of ANY town but the nearest one is 3-4 miles up the road, a very small town but a town none the less. Surely there are opportunities to help someone.

I would love to find a nursing home, where I could go and help paint the ladies nails or brush their hair, or read to a group. It seems that the libraries always have plenty of volunteers to shelve books and really I guess that more than anything I want to do something that will make a DIFFERENCE to make someone’s life easier or nicer.

The sad thing is that in this day and age no one can trust anyone else. In order to volunteer you usually have to join an organization or a group and then they want to do a background check and they want 50 bucks for that and it really it is crazy. I have nothing in my background to cause me trouble, it is just that I want to help people and they make it harder than it should have to be. 

I guess I am just feeling a little adrift and not really knowing what is next, but knowing that whatever it is … well it is up to me.


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