Making Laundry soap

It’s very easy to make homemade laundry soap I have been doing it for a while now. I started out making a “gel” or a liquid but it was messy and gloppy. I changed over to a powder and it is great!

I didn’t have the boxes of my own to show you as I poured the powders into air tight bags after I opened them.

You only need three things.

Arm and hammer washing soda


Then you need Borax


Then you need a bar of soap. In the past I have used Ivory soap. If you take it and put it in the microwave for a couple of minutes it expands! You can then just flake it up. I didn’t have ivory today so I used ZOTE.


I just ran it through my food processor and grated it up. I wish it would have grated it a little finer, but it isn’t a big deal as it easily dissolves in water.

1 cup of washing soda

1 cup of borax

1 bar of ivory… now the ZOTE bars are HUGE so I just used 1/2 of it. You can also use FELS Naptha in this. I would be careful what body type soaps you use as many have moisturizer and stuff in them. If you use a body soap I would stick with ivory.

Toss it all in a bowl and mix!


Keep in an airtight bowl and add a couple of tablespoon to a load of laundry. It is VERY inexpensive to make, it is easy on the clothes, the skin and the environment. Don’t expect a lot of suds like you get with a store-bought liquid, you don’t need suds to get clean. My clothes are always really soft and clean.

Try a batch!


One thought on “Making Laundry soap

  1. I haven’t tried this yet..I keep thinking I of these days..I just keep having JW get the humgo boxes of Tide @ Sams Club. And, I really don’t think our laundry really needs all the stain removal additives that it used to when the kids were involved with the horses.

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