Loving yourself

It’s kinda funny… I can not tell you how many times today I have seen “love yourself” in one phrasing or another. It has come from friends, both knowingly to me on purpose and from friends that made a general statement. I have seen it on a couple of those little picture things that people post on facebook.

After you see it so many times in such a short time you start to wonder if God is thumping you.

I admit I have a hard time loving myself, and when I act like I did this last two weeks well it is even harder. I have a hard time seeing anything good in myself. In fact most of the time I feel that I must GIVE and GIVE in order to earn someone’s love or friendship. I can not conceive that I am lovable on my own.

People say nice things about me, but it is hard to believe. I always think oh they are just being nice, they don’t REALLY mean it. If I can’t believe others love me or think highly of me then how can I think it of myself.

I am critical of myself, I over examine everything. I am impulsive and regret it later. I am so many bad things… that I don’t know where to start to learn to LIKE me let alone LOVE me.

They say you can’t love anyone else until you love yourself. In my case that isn’t true. I can love other people with all my heart… I just can love myself. I always think, one of these days I will do or say something wrong and it will all be over … well I showed my worst the last two weeks… Hmm there are a few still here and saying the still love me. Now if I just didi…


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