The Vacuum

I have two dogs… a big ole yellow lab and a tiny little chihuahua. They are both absolutely TERRIFIED by the vacuum cleaner. They run off to another room, scoot under the bed, cower in the closet and just shiver with fright. I kinda think it is funny, and I have many times thought you big baby… it is ONLY a vacuum it will not hurt you! It is a good thing… it cleans up all the hair you shed! lol
I wish that I would make them understand.
I recently had a lot of dental work done, and I have more to do. Some of it was not avoidable, some of it was made worse because I put off going to the dentist for too long.
When I was 8 I was running in the back yard and tripped and fell against the metal swing set pole and broke all the front permanent teeth. I spent a LOT of time at the dentist when I was a little girl and I developed a VERY strong fear and dislike for the dentist. Just the thought would freak me out.

Now I am in the dentist a lot again… now this stuff is painful I am not going to even pretend it isn’t but the fear of it got out of hand for me over the years. I am not excited about going, but I don’t break out in a sweat. The fear make it worse than it would have been had I faced my fears years ago.
In so many ways the dentist was my “vacuum”. People could tell me that it wasn’t that bad, you could tell me that it is a good thing for me… on and on and yet I was STILL under the bed cowering… 
I just started to think about how many other things that I fear are really only a “vacuum” when it comes down to it. I am thinking about the things that I fear and examining the reasons why.
Fear is a normal and even a healthy thing in many cases. The trick is to learn which is real and which is just a vacuum


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