Happy 70th Mother

Today would have been my mother’s 70th birthday. In December she will be gone for 5 years.

They say that as long as something still makes you angry then you still have lessons to learn from it. I have told over the years in my blogs the relationship that I had with my mother.

I realized lately that she was just an angry, mean and disturbed woman and she lived the only way she knew how.

I sit here and I think of it all and I feel nothing. Absolutely nothing.

That IS a good thing…. isn’t it?





Busy, busy, busy

My life has gotten busy as of late. I am happy with that.

I started making decorated cookies last Christmas. I discovered that I liked it so I slowly learned how to do thing, and gathered all the tools I would need to do it right and to have lots of variety. I soon had an issue… my freezer was full of decorated cookies. I gave them away.

Before long I had people asking if I would make certain cookies for them. If I sold them. I was going through some health issues and I also thought that the laws would prevent me from having a home business in which I made foods. I figured that the health department would have to inspect and I would have to get all the tax stuff done and on and on and frankly I didn’t want to mess with that. I just wanted to make cookies. For some reason my cookies make people happy and that in turn makes me happy.

So one day I was watching the news and it had a story about the Texas Cottage Food Law. It is there to allow and protect people like me that want to sell baked goods from my own kitchen. I researched it and decided that I could operate under that.

So Miz Gina’s Cookies was born.

It has been about 6 weeks or so I think and I have been steadily busy since. Most of the time it seems that I have an order that I working on and another waiting, and it seems like as soon as I am ready a new order comes in. It is a blessing.

It keeps me busy, and therefore mostly out of trouble lol.It keeps me focused on things other than pain or worldly things that I can’t change. It is just good for me.

I don’t as a rule do mail orders because the post office is just horrible about breaking them. I have learned to do it. and I CAN do it and they get there unbroken but it requires plastic containers and the postage is high… so unless you are very special to me… it won’t happy. Sorry.

As time goes on and I practice day after day I am getting better and better and more confident. Trying new things and taking more chances and the cookies are showing my personality more and more. I do lots of creative things but I think the cookies are the most fun.

So I am thankful for Miz Gina’s Cookies. 

This is a polit…

This is a political blog today… so you can leave now if you want.

Yesterday Mitt Romney was “caught” telling the truth. He said that 47% of people don’t pay taxes. Yep that is TRUE. Most it is the elderly and the low income…. contrary to what the media will tell you there are only a VERY FEW wealthy that do not pay ANY TAXES.

He also stated that there is an entitlement issue in this country where people are dependent on the government and feel like it owes them stuff. They will vote for whoever will continue on that vein. That is the democratic party. They foster government dependence.

Now I want to stop and make one thing CLEAR… LISTEN! There are a lot of people in this country that are hurting and are FORCED to use government aid as a TEMPORARY help. This is NOT … I REPEAT NOT about them. These people want to work yet can’t find work or enough work. They are not life time users.


There used to be a time when asking for government help was shameful. People were PROUD and wanted to make their own way… not anymore.

The things is this …. the 53% of us are DAMN TIRED of paying the way of the other 47%. We can’t have the life WE EARN because we are giving it to people that don’t EARN anything!

People are getting mad, and I agree totally with what Romney said.

A little story for you… just to illustrate this…..


I used to go into a weight loss chat room and there was a women that came in there. She never worked, given the amount of time she was online, she didn’t do anything. She had three kids and got food stamps, feed her family and herself crap. Her kids all had cell phones, and the newest video games. Every year she would brag about the amount of money they got back from the earned income credit… thousands of dollars… just free money for them from the IRS. Mind you SHE didn’t go to work so they could keep this! They would get that check and go buy big screen tvs and all sorts of fancy toys. One time I got angry and confronted her and told her that they didn’t earn that …. don’t you think you should maybe use it for food and stuff and not tvs so you could stop being on food stamps? She went BALLISTIC! MY HUSBAND WORKS HE DESERVES THAT MONEY! Um no … he deserves the hourly wage that he EARNS.


But the case in point is … that is totally entitlement. In her mind the government OWED them that money…. for nothing that they did. They just deserved a check every year and to have all their food paid for. I don’t think she ever thought about where that money came from…. it was the government.. not me or her neighbor.

So yeah, lots of us are pissed off… we are tired of paying and paying.


I think Romney ought to drag that truth out in the light of day and run on it!


So what’s new?

I have finally emerged from a pain filled two-week period in which I had teeth pulled and tooth tops removed…. I am telling you it hurts less to pull the WHOLE tooth. I am 44 and just now having my wisdom teeth out. I wish I had it done ages ago. I have a fear of dentists and I stayed away too long. When I was 8 I was playing in the back yard and tripped and fell against the metal leg of my swing set and shattered my permanent front teeth and got caps at the tender age of 8. I spent so much time at the dentist as a kid you would think it wouldn’t bother me. I had a set back, I have two spots that have rubbed to the bone in my mouth where the temporary bridge is… I am treating it, but it really reinforces that I MUST eat right to heal. I can’t expect my body to repair itself with out the proper materials.
On Friday my car started acting funny, the transmission was slipping. I was near the auto shop so I dropped it off and had Bill come save me. The call this morning said I had apparently hit something and bent the pan and the fluid was leaking out. Since I drive a VERY low slung Sebring convertible I am not surprised but I don’t really remember a specific event of hitting something. So while she was in the shop she got a new tail light… hmmm I met the dumpster a while back! oil change, new belts and new struts all to the tune off 3 grand. She has new tires so she is just like new! I LOVE MY CAR! She will be ready to pick up tonight, but for the day I GET to stay home!!! YAY!
My cookie business is taking off. It is just enough at this point to be perfect. Not so busy that I feel stressed to finish things but plenty to do. I know that the holidays are coming up and that (hopefully) people will want more cookies. I am starting to play with Halloween cookies so that I can get pictures up on the cookie page and people can see what I have to offer.  I love my little cookies, for some reason cookies just make people happy.
I was making a commitment to my health when the dentist thing came up and frankly it was all-consuming, and it took a back seat. I was able to drink the water I pledged but the rest was just lost. I am still eating soft foods and I will be a bit longer. I am trying to eat things that are full of protein and a decent amount of calorie:, eggs, yogurt and cheese. I don’t absorb as I should due to the bypass so I am really hurting for protein and calories right now.  I am down 9 pounds in two weeks. I don’t personally think I have that to lose but I hope that I will be back to normal soon. Just keeping up with the house work and the cookies and daily life has been my exercise, but I really like doing yoga and stretching. It also doesn’t aggravate my hips and back. The other day I was like… hmm my hip and back haven’t been hurting! YAY! then I realized that I was taking vicodin so often for my mouth that OF COURSE I wasn’t hurting! LOL

It is almost fall, I love fall. I love the weather and I love that it seems like the world just takes a deep breath and settles down a little bit and boy do I need that! I just am happy bopping around my house baking and feeling the crisp air when I step outside. If I could live in a place that was fall all year I would. I also love to take pictures in the fall…. I miss taking pictures so maybe I will take the camera out soon, it is almost Monarch butterfly time!

Well I think I have caught everyone up to speed here. I have other topics I have been thinking about that I will probably write about soon… had time to think lately…. lol not sure if that is good or bad.

Til next time!