So what’s new?

I have finally emerged from a pain filled two-week period in which I had teeth pulled and tooth tops removed…. I am telling you it hurts less to pull the WHOLE tooth. I am 44 and just now having my wisdom teeth out. I wish I had it done ages ago. I have a fear of dentists and I stayed away too long. When I was 8 I was playing in the back yard and tripped and fell against the metal leg of my swing set and shattered my permanent front teeth and got caps at the tender age of 8. I spent so much time at the dentist as a kid you would think it wouldn’t bother me. I had a set back, I have two spots that have rubbed to the bone in my mouth where the temporary bridge is… I am treating it, but it really reinforces that I MUST eat right to heal. I can’t expect my body to repair itself with out the proper materials.
On Friday my car started acting funny, the transmission was slipping. I was near the auto shop so I dropped it off and had Bill come save me. The call this morning said I had apparently hit something and bent the pan and the fluid was leaking out. Since I drive a VERY low slung Sebring convertible I am not surprised but I don’t really remember a specific event of hitting something. So while she was in the shop she got a new tail light… hmmm I met the dumpster a while back! oil change, new belts and new struts all to the tune off 3 grand. She has new tires so she is just like new! I LOVE MY CAR! She will be ready to pick up tonight, but for the day I GET to stay home!!! YAY!
My cookie business is taking off. It is just enough at this point to be perfect. Not so busy that I feel stressed to finish things but plenty to do. I know that the holidays are coming up and that (hopefully) people will want more cookies. I am starting to play with Halloween cookies so that I can get pictures up on the cookie page and people can see what I have to offer.  I love my little cookies, for some reason cookies just make people happy.
I was making a commitment to my health when the dentist thing came up and frankly it was all-consuming, and it took a back seat. I was able to drink the water I pledged but the rest was just lost. I am still eating soft foods and I will be a bit longer. I am trying to eat things that are full of protein and a decent amount of calorie:, eggs, yogurt and cheese. I don’t absorb as I should due to the bypass so I am really hurting for protein and calories right now.  I am down 9 pounds in two weeks. I don’t personally think I have that to lose but I hope that I will be back to normal soon. Just keeping up with the house work and the cookies and daily life has been my exercise, but I really like doing yoga and stretching. It also doesn’t aggravate my hips and back. The other day I was like… hmm my hip and back haven’t been hurting! YAY! then I realized that I was taking vicodin so often for my mouth that OF COURSE I wasn’t hurting! LOL

It is almost fall, I love fall. I love the weather and I love that it seems like the world just takes a deep breath and settles down a little bit and boy do I need that! I just am happy bopping around my house baking and feeling the crisp air when I step outside. If I could live in a place that was fall all year I would. I also love to take pictures in the fall…. I miss taking pictures so maybe I will take the camera out soon, it is almost Monarch butterfly time!

Well I think I have caught everyone up to speed here. I have other topics I have been thinking about that I will probably write about soon… had time to think lately…. lol not sure if that is good or bad.

Til next time!


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