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This is a political blog today… so you can leave now if you want.

Yesterday Mitt Romney was “caught” telling the truth. He said that 47% of people don’t pay taxes. Yep that is TRUE. Most it is the elderly and the low income…. contrary to what the media will tell you there are only a VERY FEW wealthy that do not pay ANY TAXES.

He also stated that there is an entitlement issue in this country where people are dependent on the government and feel like it owes them stuff. They will vote for whoever will continue on that vein. That is the democratic party. They foster government dependence.

Now I want to stop and make one thing CLEAR… LISTEN! There are a lot of people in this country that are hurting and are FORCED to use government aid as a TEMPORARY help. This is NOT … I REPEAT NOT about them. These people want to work yet can’t find work or enough work. They are not life time users.


There used to be a time when asking for government help was shameful. People were PROUD and wanted to make their own way… not anymore.

The things is this …. the 53% of us are DAMN TIRED of paying the way of the other 47%. We can’t have the life WE EARN because we are giving it to people that don’t EARN anything!

People are getting mad, and I agree totally with what Romney said.

A little story for you… just to illustrate this…..


I used to go into a weight loss chat room and there was a women that came in there. She never worked, given the amount of time she was online, she didn’t do anything. She had three kids and got food stamps, feed her family and herself crap. Her kids all had cell phones, and the newest video games. Every year she would brag about the amount of money they got back from the earned income credit… thousands of dollars… just free money for them from the IRS. Mind you SHE didn’t go to work so they could keep this! They would get that check and go buy big screen tvs and all sorts of fancy toys. One time I got angry and confronted her and told her that they didn’t earn that …. don’t you think you should maybe use it for food and stuff and not tvs so you could stop being on food stamps? She went BALLISTIC! MY HUSBAND WORKS HE DESERVES THAT MONEY! Um no … he deserves the hourly wage that he EARNS.


But the case in point is … that is totally entitlement. In her mind the government OWED them that money…. for nothing that they did. They just deserved a check every year and to have all their food paid for. I don’t think she ever thought about where that money came from…. it was the government.. not me or her neighbor.

So yeah, lots of us are pissed off… we are tired of paying and paying.


I think Romney ought to drag that truth out in the light of day and run on it!



One thought on “This is a polit…

  1. I know who you are talking about in your post. Same thing she wanted to buy a dog for her kids and yet didn’t buy the things her kids needed like glasses etc…. she had her priorities all wrong imho

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