Busy, busy, busy

My life has gotten busy as of late. I am happy with that.

I started making decorated cookies last Christmas. I discovered that I liked it so I slowly learned how to do thing, and gathered all the tools I would need to do it right and to have lots of variety. I soon had an issue… my freezer was full of decorated cookies. I gave them away.

Before long I had people asking if I would make certain cookies for them. If I sold them. I was going through some health issues and I also thought that the laws would prevent me from having a home business in which I made foods. I figured that the health department would have to inspect and I would have to get all the tax stuff done and on and on and frankly I didn’t want to mess with that. I just wanted to make cookies. For some reason my cookies make people happy and that in turn makes me happy.

So one day I was watching the news and it had a story about the Texas Cottage Food Law. It is there to allow and protect people like me that want to sell baked goods from my own kitchen. I researched it and decided that I could operate under that.

So Miz Gina’s Cookies was born.

It has been about 6 weeks or so I think and I have been steadily busy since. Most of the time it seems that I have an order that I working on and another waiting, and it seems like as soon as I am ready a new order comes in. It is a blessing.

It keeps me busy, and therefore mostly out of trouble lol.It keeps me focused on things other than pain or worldly things that I can’t change. It is just good for me.

I don’t as a rule do mail orders because the post office is just horrible about breaking them. I have learned to do it. and I CAN do it and they get there unbroken but it requires plastic containers and the postage is high… so unless you are very special to me… it won’t happy. Sorry.

As time goes on and I practice day after day I am getting better and better and more confident. Trying new things and taking more chances and the cookies are showing my personality more and more. I do lots of creative things but I think the cookies are the most fun.

So I am thankful for Miz Gina’s Cookies. 


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