This blog may sound selfish. There may indeed be some, but more than that you will read honest feelings here today.

I have pretty much decided the Golden Rule is passe. For years I have treated others as I wanted to be treated, only to be hurt. I am thinking about treating people how they treat ME, since that is how the rule goes from their point. They treat ME how they want to be treated right? I am going to give it to them. 

I have always been a person that is thoughtful, giving and always willing to help out if I can. Every year for Christmas I spend a lot of money, invest a lot of time and care to make boxes of sweets, candies and cookies and I send them out to people that I (at least used to think) loved me and were my friends. Every year I am overlooked, forgotten or not given a thought at all. In fact many times I have to ask if they received the box. I want to brighten their holidays a tiny bit and to let them know they are thought of and loved by someone. Frankly it hurts that what I do seems to not be worth anything. Perhaps I over value what I do.

All the years of doing this …. 3 people have done something nice for me.

I am not setting myself up anymore. It hurts too much.

I am not sending out goodie boxes anymore. I will still bake and make candy… I will give it to some people that will appreciate it. There are children that are fighting cancer, there is kids in a shelter, and there are wounded vets in the VA hospital in Ft. Worth.

I am not going to stop baking and doing candy because it is a huge part of Christmas for me, but I am going to give it to people that I don’t even know because at least that way… the outcome will be the same… but at least they don’t know me.


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