My thoughts on thankfulness

It is November again and time for everyone to do the whole month of daily posting what they are thankful for. People have asked me why I am not doing it. Oh, you see I in the past I did it, I did it in every possible way even working through the alphabet. I have been the FIRST to encourage people to be thankful.

So why am I not doing it again, you may ask. Well you see I have learned what thankfulness is and isn’t. It isn’t words on facebook. It isn’t sitting down at the end of the day and picking through the chaos to find something to post that you are thankful for. It isn’t saying the same old tired things… family, friends, job yada yada yada… those SHOULD be a given!

So what is thankfulness you are wondering. It is being mindful ALL YEAR how blessed you are to have the life you do. It is about showing your thankfulness. It is about doing something to give someone else something to be thankful for! It is stopping at random times in April and praying a prayer of thanks to God because your heart is so full from the beauty of a blooming flower! It is

I am not downing the lists, as I said I used to do them too…. but I learned that words are just words… make sure your actions are saying what your words are.


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