Why I am heartbroken

Yesterday, well Tuesday night made me positively sick. I reacted, and am  reacting in a way that many don’t understand. They think well so, just 4 more years, we will get through it. Yeah, maybe. I believe one of two things. We are Christians will be taken out of here before the next election OR this country will be a totally Godless place. Actually it will be a totally Godless place regardless.

The election, for me, was a battle of good and evil. The evil won. It was a man with decency who wanted to protect unborn babies and believed that marriage was as God intended between a man and a woman. A man that believes that you stand with and for God’s people. Versus a man that is the antithesis of this.

As a country we have taken God’s word and made a mockery of it. We have told God He is not welcome here. We have made people think that they can rely on the Government and not themselves or God. Nothing good can come of this.

Years ago I just could not wrap my mind around the fact that the United States would be so Godless that that would be so weak and stumbling. So about to fall. In 25 years we have done a 180. We are ripe to fall.

I asked yesterday why God should stay here, and I was told that it is because He is a forgiving God. Yes, He is but he is also a God that will not abide the things that He says are an abomination. The fact is we are pushing His patience and we have been for some time. He has a breaking point. The flood and Sodom and Gomorrah? This country is every bit as bad as the world was when he took action.

People are ignoring the signs. All this “weird weather” and all those “odd earthquakes” are signs and warnings you can find in the Bible. The strife in the middle east as well. Yep, unbelievers will say there has ALWAYS been trouble there and they are right there has… it started with Abraham’s disobedience to God by having a child with his maid rather than waiting on God. The difference is that this time it is lining up according to the prophecy.

The United States is not talked about in Revelations. There is a reason. We are not a power, we have been taken out of the picture… OR we have a weak leader that stays on the sidelines and lets evil win. Either way we are just about there.

I DO believe that God is in control. I KNOW how it ends. It breaks my heart that we are breaking His heart. That He loves us and we as a country don’t care. We have rejected Him and His son but choosing to ignore His ways that are in the Bible.

Evil won this one, and we will have to live under that. I know in the end God wins… but it is going to be Hell until then… and America CHOSE it.


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