Farewell, Farewell

The last few days I have had to end some relationships. It was not fun. Today I have to end more, and it isn’t fun either. I have spent a lot of time with them lately. Have you met Mark Davis, Micheal Medved, Dennis Prager, Micheal Gallagher, Ben Ferguson or Mark Levin?  Don’t worry if you don’t. They are all conservative talk show hosts. I have listened to them daily for months, they have told me many things that the media decided we didn’t need to know. I believe that they helped me make a more informed vote in my decision on voting. It needs to be said here that they were NOT my only sources, I listened to the media too. 

Anyway. As is their job, they point out the things that we should care about that some people like to pretend didn’t happen or doesn’t matter. So I continued to listen, because I still wanted to know. The thing is this… there is not a damn thing I can do anymore. But pray. I don’t need to be totally immersed in it everyday to pray for this country.  The only way that I had to effect change didn’t help, only God can.. and really HE is all that ever could.


I worry so so much about this country and the world. I worry and stress to the point that it makes me miserable. It literally makes me sick. I still can not wrap my head around the choice this country made and it was over a week ago. sigh


Anyway I think that we have to define the boundaries of what we worry about. It is like this … you are in the middle of the circle and you get to adjust how big the circle gets. I have had a BIG circle for a long time. In order to be happy I am going to have to shrink that circle way way down. Down in fact to the things I can actually control or at least influence.

So no more talk shows, no more constant news stream into my life. Does that mean I don’t care anymore? Not at all. Does it mean I give up? Nope and I am not sticking my head in the sand. I believe things are about to get REALLY REALLY REAL. I am turning my attention to preparing my family to make it through the times to comes…. because they are coming and you are the one with your head in the sand if you don’t believe it.

I can control or influence my life … not the so called president, the economy, the middle east, or the price of tea in china.  I can pray. I can prepare. That is what I plan to do.

So farewell to my friends, you may educate me but that knowledge steals my joy and it that maybe about all I have left….


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