Friendship is a strong AND a fragile thing. The last few months have shown me a some things.

I was once asked if I wanted my friends to think for themselves, the person had a different view on something than I did. I have thought about that a lot. Of course I want them to think for themselves. However I have also found out that I have trouble being friends with people that differ on the REALLY REALLY BIG THINGS.

I want to learn new things from my friends. I want to get new ideas… but not on the things that make me ME. My faith and my basic belief system.

There is truth to birds of a feather flock together and there is also a reason. You have a more harmonious and understanding friendship with someone that shares your basic core beliefs.

I have found that I can not be friends with VOCAL liberals. I can not nor do I particularly want to understand their stance. I simply see them as someone that is so unlike me that we can not have a loving relationship…. please note the word VOCAL.

I have found that I have trouble being friends with VOCAL unbelievers or those that tell me … oh there are many ways to Heaven. Again it is so different than my core beliefs.

So what is a Christian supposed to do? Love them anyway? yes of course. However, I don’t think you need to let them sway you. The world is full of people that what to make Christians look silly and weak…. why would I want that around me?

I cannot be friends with someone that thinks walking into an abortion clinic and killing an unborn baby because they were drunk…. ooops! or any other reason, mind you! I believe that that is murder and evil.

The Bible tells us that we are IN the world but not to be OF the world. That is getting harder and harder to do as there seem to be less and less people that take this to heart.

I simply chose to be around those whose life and choices show me that they are Christians…. sadly the election showed me the true insides of some friends…

I had one person tell me, oh this election is about more than abortion and gay rights… yep it is about the economy too…. he didn’t stop to think that they economy is the result of PAST BAD CHOICES…. there IS a price to pay when you chose an ungodly path…

Ok I am done, as I am getting worked up…

Remember this… you become more like those you surround yourself with.. chose wisely….


One thought on “Friendship

  1. Gina I so agree with you on this subject. I have tried to express what you said but you said it so much nicer and better then I did. I am pro life and I have been since 7th grade when I found out about abortions. I was asked by a former classmate if I am pro life what will I do for all those unwanted babies that will end up in foster care. I said simple… place them for adoption. Teach absetinance, teach responsibility, teach females to keep their legs closed and males to keep their pants zipped.
    I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. That got me a lot of crap on my page. Hmm it is my belief what the bible says, what I grew up believing and still believe. I am one of the few females that I know it seems that has not kissed another woman. Blech that just never did interest me.
    I have been deleting people off Facebook that are to vocal in their beliefs. One former friend that you know through yahoo is so far out with her beliefs that I finally had enough of it and told her. I understand being passionate about something but there is passion and there is psyconess! lol I try and have fun stuff on Facebook and my blog and when I go to someones page and all they do is whine and complain and call everyone racist or prejudiced opr whatever i say buh bye!

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