Just Catching up

Well it has been over two weeks since I stopped listening to conservative talk radio. I don’t really miss it to be honest. The fist few days were tough because it was breaking a habit really, and I had to find something else to listen to.  

At the same time I stopped watching news 24/7. I read most of my news now, and watch the local news. I do not watch the network news casts as they are so biased, it get angry.

I am probably less informed than I was 3 weeks ago. Has my world crashed because I didn’t know every single thing? No. I am less stressed about the state of the world. I have reached a level of acceptance that the world is evil. I can not fight a world that WANTS to be evil.

I always wondered why God made me have pain and fatigue to the degree that I do. I honestly think some times that it is so that I will be too tired and in too much pain to spend my energy on getting  upset over things I can’t change. The more tired and in pain you are the smaller your bubble gets. It gets down to taking care of yourself and your family. It comes down to spending your energy on the people and the things that matter to you.

I am pretty busy with the cookie business and my life and it has been easier to let go of many things. I say let go but really I try to give it to God. Of course some days are better than others. I will ALWAYS be outraged at some things. I just have to understand that I can have those feelings and move on when I can’t change it. I have to learn that acceptance of how things are doesn’t mean that you condone it!

Anyway, life is a little busier, a little less stressful, well at least in that area lol.



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