Doctor update

I figure if I post this here then only those that really want to know will read it and I won’t bore everyone else with my health related issues.

I met with the new neurologist today. He was great. He did all sorts of tests on the nerves that go down my left leg and foot. He tested all the muscles as well. Well actually he tested them both. Anyway I have nerve damage and nerve slowness on the left side from the nerves being pinch both in the herniated discs then into the hip. He was leery of doing the shots right off the bat. The doctor that referred me to him made it sound like that was my only option so I basically worried myself sick over it.

He is taking over the pain management and also is giving me a new drug that will help slow further nerve damage. I tried to take Lyrica and it was a disaster I became suicidal … seriously. So this is an older drug that doesn’t seem to have that side effect. One side effect that it does have is an appetite increase… I am actually curious how that will work on me IF I have that one. Anyway I jerk at night really bad and it originates in the low back and that drug should help that also it is known to make you drowsy so I will take it at night and maybe sleep better.

The other thing we are going to do it physical therapy 3 times a week for 8 weeks then I will see him again.

If there isn’t improvement in the pain situation THEN we will do the shots. I am glad he isn’t ready to jump into the shots if there are other things that we haven’t tried.

He of course gave me better pain meds and I hope I will need them less and less.

Anyway that is the update and plan at this point. I will start the new nerve meds tomorrow and the physical therapy next week. Please remember me in your prayers that this works and we are able to slow the nerve damage.



One thought on “Doctor update

  1. Dearest Gina…. I have been praying for you regarding your pain and will certainly continue to pray for you… I’m glad this doctor is being cautious…. I think that’s a GREAt thing… I’ve had so many want to go to the extreme right off the bat making me feel like they really didn’t care to help… just wanted me in and out… sounds like you have found a fabulous dr… šŸ™‚ Love you!

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