More on Friendship

So I am learning a lot about what friendship is and what it is not.

I never really thought about it until a sweet friend said something this morning. There is a difference in being a friend and being friendly. Now there is nothing wrong with either one, as long as you don’t mistake one for the other.

When I met someone I like I want to be friends. I jump right in.

I have realized that some people I think of as friends probably don’t view me that way and they are simply friendly toward me. Again. there is nothing wrong with it, I just need to see it for what it is and accept that is the way it will be. The only thing that really hurts is when you WERE friends and something happens and you suddenly are in the friendly pile. It happens. I guess for me, it is hard to jut be friendly… I mean for instance on facebook it you only want to be friendly, I am wonder why I am left in the friends list. I wonder why the care what I do or say. I may view facebook differently than others. I care what my friends do and say and it is a way to keep in touch. I guess it is possible that people just turn off your feed and no longer see what you say or do, but then again why not unfriend?

I apparently still have a lot to learn, because I am often confused by the things people do.



One thought on “More on Friendship

  1. I have people like that. Well more like they want to be my best friend until I no longer can give them something or do something for them. I have very few real life friends here now days. Most people do nit understand my life with Megan and her issues. I do not go drinking and dancing nor smoke anything. I love to cook and bake and can. Most people I know want to still party if they are younger or else they have grown kids and do not see why I can just up and go places with them.
    Had a friend from church here who loved me until we had a disagreement. She was trsh talking me on facebook without saying my name. I finally got fed up and gave her my wrath. Not very Christian to do but I finally said forget it!
    Yea I am rambling but yep I with I had more friends and less just friendlies!

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