I had written about getting more involved in the Orange Out outreach, I have been making cookies for them for a while but that was as far as I went. Fear held me back. If you don’t take a change you don’t get hurts. Seems simple enough…. I wish.

I went to the hospital children’s ward today. I knew I would see sick kids, and I did. I knew I would see parents going through stuff no parent should ever have to go through, and I did. I saw a 4 month old baby that already has cancer. It broke my heart.

A few weeks ago a young man that was very close to the organization passed away and his mama came up there, she inspired me! She lost her son, and yet there she was up there at the hospital and she is trying to find a way to do something that will honor her son and others that are going through the same thing. I think if is were me I would have left that place and NEVER went back. What a strong and amazing woman!

I learned that there is so much more to all of it than I thought! They do far more than I realized that they did and they have been through so much more than I knew.

I was so blessed today. I left there with my mind racing, just thinking about all the things that I might be able to do that would help them. I can give up my time a day or two a week, I can make cookies that the kids love. I am going to make an orange quilt for them to sell. I feel so excited about helping with this.

That short period of time opened my eyes and opened my heart. I saw that these people are facing what most of us consider the worst thing that we can go through… and they still smiled. They still had HOPE.

I am still processing all that my mind took in… but I know this I will be there bright eyed and bushy-tailed in my orange shirt next Wednesday morning to do it again.



One thought on “Involved

  1. Sweet Gina…. As I’m laying here reading your post I have tears running down my cheeks. You truly have no idea how special you are. You constantly amaze me. You are loved….

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