Things I am learning

I have spent the last week thinking about a lot of things.

I spend too much time at home and not with other people. I am getting only a small slice of the world and it isn’t the best slice. I read the news and listen to the news too much. It makes me think that everyone is bad. That simply isn’t true. Yes, I have had some … well less that stellar people in my life over the years and I have become jaded in many ways. I called it being a realist.

I am getting out and being around people more, I am giving of MYSELF more. Not just giving… I can give all day long. Giving of myself comes with a price.

The last year was very hard on me in the medicine area. I had a lot of pain and it affected so many areas of my life. I take medicine for depression and a couple of times I had a new drug counteract with the old ones. It made for a very rocky and erratic time. I hurt people and drove them crazy. I have learned that not everyone forgives and that has caused me a lot of regret. I am responsible for my actions and that is the price I must pay.

Things are better now, the physical therapy and the new drug for the nerves in my back are making life livable again.

I gave platelets last week. It was at the high school. I was so touched and I hate to say it, but I was surprised to see so many kids in there waiting to give blood! All we hear is how awful teenagers are… and you know what if you stay at home and never go out to see then that is what you believe. It is easy to think that everyone only looks out for number one until you meet someone that does as much as they can to make life a little better for someone in a bad situation. It is easy to think that your own troubles are overwhelming until you meet someone that is facing much bigger battles than you.

I have spent too much time being a hermit and I am trying to get out and learn about real people not just people online or on the news…


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