The Grocery Fairy

Bill learned that we could buy stuff in bulk from Amazon and join a subscription service. You simply pick out what you use on a regular basis, see the sizes that they offer and tell them how often to send it. It is cheaper because it is in bulk, then if you have 4 or more subscriptions you get 15% MORE off THEN we have prime so shipping is FREE!

Once a month you will get the items you want.. I think we have like 12 things… pet foods, laundry stuff, toilet paper, razor cartridges, dishwasher soap, cat litter… just all sorts of stuff. I have to tell you as the person that has to go to town (25 mins away) and lug this stuff home all the time this is AWESOME. Fewer trips to Wal-Mart… less money to Wal-mart as well! Less GAS at 5.00 a gallon!

Yesterday the dogs started barking I went to look out the door and lo and behold the fairy had left a MONTH of canned dog food! Then today again … a month of cat litter!




Angry and unhappy

It has come to my attention that people think I am angry or unhappy. People that mostly know me through what I put in the status bar on Facebook. They don’t talk to me or see anything other than my venting.

I admit I AM angry about what the Democratic party and the president is doing to this country and if you notice THAT is what I vent about. I simply do not see how you can say you are a Christian and believe in God and vote for that party. I want people to KNOW what these people are doing so yes I do post about that.

Other than that… what do I day on Facebook that leads people to think I am either unhappy or angry? I post about my hens (chickmo) I post about the acts of kindness. I go to my friends regularly and tell them I love them. I praise my kids and husband on a regular basis. I talk about how wonderful Orange out and what I want to do with them. I post about my cookies and my quilts or what project I am doing. I post about the adventures in Walmart mainly because people find them funny… people associate me and walmart.

I really don’t get it. I guess they get their toes stepped on with the politics and decide I must be something other than happy.

I am in pain a lot of the time and I try not to complain that much about it, and when I do it is in passing. I keep my health updates pretty much here and not on facebook.

I just wonder how someone can tell what I am or what I am not simply by a status a couple of times a day… when I am wanting to draw attention to something…


This and that

First a few words about prayers. I pray for anyone that asks. I pray for those that I see that are struggling that don’t ask. I pray for people in leadership positions. I pray for my enemies.  I pray for the lost. I do not need to know why people need prayer, God knows why they do and what is the best solution for them. I do not believe that you have to be specific in prayers, in fact it has been my experience that it leads to gossip or a chance to tell your side of a situation. God made this whole thing… I think he knows what a person needs. I think that prayer is always the good thing. I do think that you need to pray for change in yourself or in your attitude more that God changing others, other than the lost of course.

I mentioned praying for enemies….says that being nice to your enemies and doing them good (includes praying for them) is like heaping burning coals on their heads. Interesting thought isn’t it?


Bill’s scripture this morning was Psalms 97:10

Let those who love the Lord hate evil,
for he guards the lives of his faithful ones
and delivers them from the hand of the wicked.

It is a reminder that it is ok in fact you SHOULD hate things that are contrary to Biblical teaching and that the things that the Bible says is sin is EVIL …. sin is EVIL. So if doesn’t matter what humans decide is ok…. if God says it isn’t it is EVIL. Gods doesn’t change his mind. period. We won’t like it we are rebellious children, we will do it anyway same a naughty child will still do things he knows is wrong. The thing is that if you speak out against the EVIL then you are said to be judgmental… yet we aren’t the ones that made the rules and we are told repeatedly to fight evil…. so this is what the Bible talks about is persecution. I wonder if the defenders of the “accepted EVIL” know that is what they are doing? That they are not only thumbing their nose at God and persecuting Christians. I know that they simply change God to a figure that condones and accepts their behavior as if suddenly over time God saw the light! I think only Presidents do that (eye roll). Anyway it IS ok, regardless of what society calls you and thinks of you… it is better than ok we are told to hate the sin…. the evil. We must remember not to hate the SINNER. God still loves them and you are commanded to do THAT too.



I find the fact that the IRON monopoly piece was retired and a cat was chosen a commentary on the American lifestyle. I wonder if anyone irons anymore. That is a MENIAL job and working people don’t have time for that! That might make them miss a Real Housewives of somewhere tv show and lord knows we can’t miss that! It is a sign that the homemaker and her skills are simply not valued any longer. On the other side. We have elevated animals to a human status. I love my cats and dogs and chickens to death BUT they are not on the level of Sam and J and Wyatt. Many people treat and CALL their animals like their children. I suppose that is fairly harmless unless they are favored OVER the kids. We get attached to pets it is normal and natural and so we protect and pamper them. That is a problem when it goes to other animals. I am sorry to all you vegans and vegetarians but God gave us certain animals for FOOD. We do not bond with them and they are not meant to be pets. There are people who get all upset over eating and using the cows, pigs …. whatever. That is their purpose on this earth! They are NOT human and they are NOT to be put on a level with humans. Do I think they should be treated humanely? Of course they should! But in the end they are meant to eaten. I find it ironic that God required meat and animals for sacrifice to atone for sins and then now they make a stink about killing and eating them, wanting it to stop… the stiff necked rebelliousness is not to be missed on this!  Me, I love me a nice bacon cheese burger… over tofu…



I am often puzzled by people who say they are Christians and then pick and choose what to believe in the Bible and want to discard. How many Christians will have a fit if they are lied to for if someone steals from them, or if their spouse cheats… then don’t get worked up over other things that the Bible says is sinful…. like murder (of unborn) and deviant lifestyles. They decide that God oks some things now and others are STILL bad… although he always said ALL the things were wrong. Makes you wonder why God didn’t “suddenly change his position” on lying… hey y’all… some of you were born liars … so its ok to act on it … lie away… no sin there. Or hey y’all I changed my mind on cheating… and incest so go ahead and have that family orgy! no sin there! It sounds totally stupid doesn’t it? yet that is exactly what people think God has done to things that society says is ok…. I don’t get how a Christian can live by that…


The pain in my back and hip have taken a very nasty turn the last week. More painful than it has been in a very long time. I have been exposed to a lot of new drugs lately, they have a pill for everything you know. I have cut the nerve pill to one a night as I don’t want to hurt yet I also don’t want to fight sugar cravings and be eating and gaining all the time. It isn’t even for vanities sake, it is because the trouble is centered in a load bearing joint….. more load more stress and thus pain. I am thankful every day that I am not huge anymore I truly believe I wouldn’t be able to walk any longer if I was still carrying that weight. So you can see why I don’t want to gain. I don’t want to completely cut out the nerve pill either as I DO get some relief as it helps to stop and heal the nerve damage.

I have to tell you I giggle every time I say nerve pill… my granny would always say you were getting on her last nerve. lol Where I grew up or maybe just my family who knows… a nerve pill was anything that settled you down…. like a xanex or a valium. That was a nerve pill. My nerve pills are actually a medicine that works to help the real nerves in my body but it will amuses me and Bill too as my granny once told him he was on her last nerve!


I guess that is all for now. I am resting and still more right now due to the pain, so I am thinking more and about many things. I am not sure if it is good or not… if I think too much about the state the world is in I get depressed….


Chickmo Incident report for February 6, 2013

I left facility this morning with permission to procure supplies, the inmates have been restful and well-behaved for a while so I didn’t expect anything to happen. I let them out into the play yard to socialize with the visiting inmates from another facility (the guineas that appear here every day and leave at night… I don’t know why, since MY inmates act like they are soooo abused).

When I returned from town, out on the edge of the driveway, next to the trash dumpster, and in a HIGHLY restricted area, I found 2 of the inmates! I yelled at them to get back in the play yard, but to no avail. I have found them close to this area before and simply guided them safely back into the play yard then they were dealt with in time spend in “the hole” for a few days. I got out of the car, leaving it running, the inmates IMMEDIATELY took off across the road!!!!! They have NEVER gone that route! I assess the situation as the warden is away a work today and I am the only guard outside. Sargent Felipe Navidad and Lt. Mollie Wog are on R&R in the house resort.  I look around for the other inmates (2 two red ones were missing) and saw a red one through the fence and assumed they were safe and the gang had maybe had a falling out and couldn’t decide who was the boss and the escape plan was modified to two.

I pursue the inmates and they are quite serious in their flight to freedom this time. They flee to the neighbors fence… then one squeezes under the gate then stands there and waits for the other one to do it too! I, of course,  try the gate and it is “locked” but only with a clip. I remove the clip and venture in…. slowly because the facility is rural and there are other installations around that have their own guards and I didn’t want to end up on someone ELSE’S incident report. It appears that it is a guard union holiday as their guards are not on duty. I continue in my pursuit. I am puzzled at this point why they continue to avoid me, as I have always been nice to them and I quickly see that they have simply APPEARED to like me and want me to hold them and all that jazz. I might point out I am in PAIN… I mean every single STEP PAIN. I continue to pursuit the inmates and they go through the VERY VERY wet ground that is around their gray water sprinklers…. and I can either go through (fewer steps) or around and pass out… I go through. They continue to flee but I slowly get them pointed in the right direction and I think it will be ok…. we all start back to the still running car….

At the last minutes the inmates dash to the right and run full speed across the yard…. at this point I have two thoughts. One I can not physically chase them anymore today. The other is OMG what if a KINKAJOU found a way into the play yard and has killed an inmate and the others are running scared. I decide that I must hope they have an attack of GUILT and head back to their gang sisters. I get in the car and drive back into the facility parking…. I enter the play yard to check on the situation. I see…. Red and Specklebutt (the reds) and then I see BitC and Rizzo….. the two I just chased around three acres and that ran from me like they had NEVER SEEN me!

It seems that we should note than another chicken prison has set up an operation in the neighborhood… and they have the twins of at least a COUPLE of our inmates.

Of course this COULD be an elaborate plot to replace themselves with look alikes and escape unnoticed … I recommend close supervision until this situation can be assessed. I also recommend finding out if this is simply a HEN’S prison or if they have ROOSTERS as their roaming inmates might then incite a RIOT at Chickmo.

I am requesting time off to WASH my shoes a thousand times…. thank you

This ends this incident report

Now where did I put that mop???

I have been varying degrees of sick since before Christmas. I MIGHT get lucky and have a few days between the spells but it is all of the cold/cough/sinus/cold sore variety. I don’t recall ever having a string of illnesses like this before. To be honest it scares me a little bit… my immune system must be really weak. I will have to spend the spring, summer and fall building it up so next winter isn’t like this.


I even stopped advertising to make cookies and only made a few orders that came in through word of mouth. I made cookies for a few things, but really I have been just kinda here.

That leads to my house. Now don’t get me wrong it doesn’t look like an episode of Hoarders! It DOES need a good cleaning. I clean up what we use and keep up the laundry and all that but I need to clean out cabinets and drawers. Cut down on the clutter and air out the house! It feels stuffy and messy.

It takes me longer to do some things now that it used to as I have to favor the one hip. Do it will have to be done over the course of a few days.

I can’t stand it anymore. I have dragged a drafting table in here and set up my machine on it and have been slowly working on a quilt and I like it in here so I can watch tv BUT it really just adds to the clutter.

I am going to try to start in one room tomorrow and work my way through the house room by room and get it back in shape. It is making me crazy.

Anyone that wants to help grab your dust rags, and mops and meet at my house in the morning! HA!