The Grocery Fairy

Bill learned that we could buy stuff in bulk from Amazon and join a subscription service. You simply pick out what you use on a regular basis, see the sizes that they offer and tell them how often to send it. It is cheaper because it is in bulk, then if you have 4 or more subscriptions you get 15% MORE off THEN we have prime so shipping is FREE!

Once a month you will get the items you want.. I think we have like 12 things… pet foods, laundry stuff, toilet paper, razor cartridges, dishwasher soap, cat litter… just all sorts of stuff. I have to tell you as the person that has to go to town (25 mins away) and lug this stuff home all the time this is AWESOME. Fewer trips to Wal-Mart… less money to Wal-mart as well! Less GAS at 5.00 a gallon!

Yesterday the dogs started barking I went to look out the door and lo and behold the fairy had left a MONTH of canned dog food! Then today again … a month of cat litter!




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