My thoughts on Steubenville

First I want to say it is NEVER EVER EVER EVER times infinity ok for a man to violate a woman in any way. Please know that is my stance before reading more.

I think that the girl in this needs to understand that her choices played a role in this too. She was 16 and drinking heavily at a party, which is of course ILLEGAL! She drank so much in fact that she can not remember the night in question. Secondly, she was dressed like a dime store hooker. (see above statement) I am old-fashioned tho, I don’t believe in showing things that aren’t for sale.. you know what I mean. She wore those clothes to GET ATTENTION… and then she did. Men are visualĀ  She knew that the OTHER people there would be drunk too.

So again, that does not give anyone the right to violate… but she needs to take some responsibility for her actions too. Her choices contributed to this. I wonder if she is even charged with the underage drinking. Where in God’s name were her parents? Did they see what she left the house in, did they know where she was going?

My point is… yes the boys did a horrible thing and they DESERVE all the punishment but she is not an innocent in this either, and yes her parents need to have a look at their parenting.

I am old-fashioned and I am sure this will not be something that everyone agrees with and that is ok.