mornings grumbles

I love mornings… fresh new slate. I haven’t managed to screw it up yet. My motivation to do the right things is high. I am rested and calm, the stress of life hasn’t found me yet.

Here in the time I have decided that today is the day …. just for today I am going to control the food I eat. For so long I hate anything and had trouble keeping weight on. It is like this. Since the surgery I hit a weight then I had a bounce of about 20 pounds then I lost it just doing nothing and now I have gained 9 back. I weigh 11 pounds less than the bounce. It isn’t so much the number that bothers me as it is cause. I have stated that I have to take a medicine that increases my appetite. I never blame a medicine for gaining… it is the EXTRA FOOD you eat that does it. I know that I am not as active as I was so all together is it just a bad mix.

I have a nifty new phone and I am going to look for an app to help me track food and such. But I am also going to tell it here. I am also going to use this as a place to vent and deal with the frustration. I am sure that I will offend some people before it is over. I have a lot to say about the state of the world. I will share ups and downs. I have already eaten this morning so I did not weigh I will do that in the morning so I know 100% where I stand. I know myself … deal with the head and the eating will follow.

Now on to the mental things of the day…

I have all but left facebook. I periodically even deactivate my account so that it is less of a temptation for me, but then I find that I miss a few people that have on there and I open it back up… rinse repeat it is really not a healthy cycle. I get frustrated with facebook because people only want to  live in a sparkly rainbow unicorn world. They don’t want to see or read about what is going on in the world. That is WHY the world is like it is! They count on people to just not give a damn. The other thing is that I am so upset about how this country is being managed that I can hardly stand to talk to anyone that I know voted for that Crook in the White house. So there is that too. I see people that post Christian stuff but then vote for a man that is for things like late term abortion and gay marriage and in my book you can’t have it both ways. So if you claim to be a Christian and endorse that I am sorry you need to read the book again!

So that is where I am on the state of the country today I will save the IRS and Benghazi and AP scandals for other days.


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