Monday mumbles — no griping today YAY! lol

So I wish I could report to you that yesterday was a smashing success.. but that would be lying. However, as I said yesterday every morning we get a clean slate. I am eating my lunch steamed veggies and roast chicken breast, breakfast was egg beaters…. yes I DO have lazy hens! BUT they are less calories ect. So to make up those calories I just had to add bacon bits! LOL and a little grated cheese on top and a piece of homemade bread toast. I am doing well so far today. It seems that sweets are my weakness so that is what I am focusing on today… just no sweets. Then I will be cutting back on carbs and I will start walking with my camera.

My mind is in a much better place today. I can not even say why… but I am thankful for it.

I  have gotten to the point where I don’t want to leave the house… NOT to be confused with afraid to leave the house. It is just that I live in the boonies and it 20 miles in each of the 3 directions to get to a decent store. I tell you it takes long round trip than whatever I am going there to do. I could go a week and be happy. I know that isn’t good for me thought. I got out this morning and went to walmart and while that is a whole other aggravation, at least I got out and maybe that is part of why I feel better today…

I have been sewing and I really love it. I wish there were more cute patterns for little boys… but I make him little shorts and put appliques on them. I used to do that for my pumpkin princess and I even have some now, if she will bring something to put them on… so SAM I know you are reading this …. on friday morning bring me two things or whatever I have owl buttons and an applique.

I know that staying busy it good for me too. I honestly can’t figure out why I always talk myself out of things I enjoy…



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