Tuesday’s this and that

Let’s see….

I just turned on the TV … I don’t really watch daytime tv so I am looking… I see a soap opera that I watched in HIGH SCHOOL… I sit here and watch oh maybe 10 minutes and realize that ALL the characters from back then are STILL ON THERE! Crazy… you would think that is 15 years that they would have married everyone else on there other than their own kids… but heck they may have done that TOO.

So I had an epic failure with the dinner rolls the other day, but I am nothing if not stubborn so I will try again with a different recipe here in a bit. I also noticed that I have some bananas on life support so I am thinking some banana bread it in order. I love to bake way too much for only two people!

I just saw they are having a 5k run/walk on Saturday in a little near by town and it is one of those where they throw the colored powder all over you … might be fun. Sam is going to be out here and we can put the monkey in a stroller and off we go, I think it will be a blast! Plus there is a little festival going on as well so sounds like a good way to play a Saturday.

Do you know that a pineapple milkshake will go a long way in making a day good? It’s true, helped mine this morning. You cannot be sad or cranky while you are drinking a pineapple milkshake.

I am a laundry snob, no it’s true. I think the best laundry is dried out in the sun and fresh air! If you are too lazy to do that… well shame on you. I also am kinda judgey when I look at a clothes line and the hang their shirts by the shoulders… every good self respecting home maker hangs hers from the bottom! I DO realize that most of you work and don’t have time to do laundry like I do, I just love my home and all that goes with it.

I got some very sweet and lovely beaded rings from a sweet woman, I tell you I do not how she can see to do this. I am not sure I could see to do that work! She also makes these beautiful little angels out of wheat I think it is … they are little works of art… again how she can see to do it and has hands that will work on things that small…. it is a puzzle to me.

I feel like we are now in summer, yeah I know it isn’t quite yet, but when it is 90+ and the humidity is so high it takes all day for clothes to dry… it is summer. I don’t mind summer, I like to be warm and frankly I hurt less in the warmer months so it is good. 

Bill is a genius at fixing things. I have a convertible sebring, she is getting older (like me) and she has some small issues (like me) and the back window didn’t want to act right so Bill, assisted by Wyatt worked on it both yesterday and the weekend before last.. he ordered the new part and last night we went to get some ice cream in the warm wind! THAT is why I won’t trade her in on a new fancy model.

So I have told you that the medicine I take for the nerve damage in my back and leg causes me to crave sweets (namely ice cream sandwiches! ) I have gained a few pounds in the last 6 months or so and it doesn’t really bother me (I don’t weigh but about 10 pounds or so and has stabilized) I actually think I look less tired and warn out. I am also thankful and lucky that my husband also seems to appreciate the extra pounds lol It seems that a few places are a little rounder… Snort!

I think that one of my cats has Alzheimer’s. Seriously. He meows loudly all. the. time. makes us crazy. Did you know that cats are only vocal when they want to talk to humans? They can talk to each other in a way that we can’t hear. True story. Anyway. I was reading about a cat that does like Indy and the Vet said that cats get a version of Alzheimer’s and they are confused so they are meowing. So now I tell him every day your name is Indy you just came in and you just ate. I am wondering if I need to put his address on a tag around his collar like they do in the nursing home with old people…. I can just see me putting out a CAT alert you know a CONFUSED ANIMAL TAG for people that have old cats…

After reading all this silliness it is pretty clear to me that I need to get a life…..

So I am off the bake dinner rolls for supper!

I am sure there are spelling and grammatical errors, but if their weren’t then you would know I wasn’t the one that wrote it RIGHT???


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