An adult post… please have your ID handy….

I know that the first few lines of this is visible in the link that shows up on facebook so I don’t want anyone that shouldn’t be seeing this to see things that they shouldn’t be seeing… did that make sense? Anyway I reckon that this is enough nonsense to show on the link….

Ok we are going to talk about SEX…. well kinda.

There is a lot of funny things about sex, the whole idea of it is amusing to be honest. Anyway there are things about our bodies that we laugh about … lord knows that woman laugh about all the checkups and tests and getting our boobs smooshed. ( by the way this thing wants to change smooshed to smooched! Figures right??? ) It is a part of life so you may as well make fun right?

Somehow men take their sex issues and the related body issues much more serious. You know if you have issues you can get viagra or cialis. Do you see a pill for woman? No because they haven’t made a pill that cures TIREDNESS….

anyway I am off the point.

There is a radio commercial that I hear on a daily basis…. It has bugged me for some time so now I am going to have my say.

It is about low testosterone and I have no doubt this is a real issue. One of the things this is supposed to cause is “jumping the gun” or “premature ejaculation” for those that paid attention in science class. So ok… you have a problem and it isn’t funny to that person and I am not laughing at the condition. What I am laughing at it that they call it PREMATURE STAMINA…. ok lets look at this a minute.

PREMATURE means early or before expected right?

STAMINA means able to go a long time at whatever right?

So to ME it looks like all of the sudden out of NOWHERE BAM! he is hit by a rush of STAMINA! OH NOES!

So men are so ashamed to say premature EJACULATION or CLIMAX whatever word you want that they have to pick a MANLY and STRONG word that TOTALLY does NOT describe the situation! REALLY?

Ladies we put up with so much crap but look have any of you needed to change the wording of something to make it sound like it is a GOOD thing?! I am going to the doctor y’all I just heard about this PREMATURE STAMINA thing and I want that… I can work in the yard ALL DAY and the best thing is …. I NEVER know when it will hit me, other than it will be before I am READY!

Thank you for letting me get this off my chest… on wait my big, luscious, full and perky breasts. (see I can lie too!)


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