I hope Bill won’t mind me simply mentioning him here. He and I have talked about this many times is the only reason I bring him up.

I know that he works all day and then comes home and looks at the yard, we have an acre and he sees all the things that needs to be done, the mowing and weed eating, thing that need to be cleaned up and the unfinished projects and he feels overwhelmed by the job.

I wake up in the morning and my mind goes immediately to all the chores I need to accomplish and all the things I want to do and read and work into the day and I sigh. I move to get up and my body always hurts first thing in the morning, and I just want to pull the covers over my head and hide.

Both of us have things that we just feel overwhelmed by.

I am betting you do too.

When I was very heavy, before the surgery, I looked at the amount of weight I needed to lose and it was not 30  or 50 or even 100 pounds and I was overwhelmed.

The trouble with being overwhelmed is that it is easier to just say what does it matter! It is too big to tackle so I may as well just pretend it isn’t there. You start ignoring that the floor is needing a good mopping, or that the flowerbed has weeds.

I have trouble breaking it down. I think I need to clean the house… that means take an entire day or two and scrub it from top to bottom and frankly I don’t have that in me at the moment. I don’t think I need to… vacuum and sweep today. I need to do one load of laundry and I need to change the bed. All of the individual things that need to be done are in themselves not hard or time-consuming but the whole is exhausting.

I know that if I can just break it up and chip away at it, I will get it all done, and THAT is the challenge on a daily basis.

Take it….

one pound at a time

one person at a timeone meal at a time

one chore at a time

one pet at a time

one bed at a time

one floor at a time

one day at a time

one trip to town at a time

one fence line at a time

one project at a time


the list can go on and on and I am betting you have one too.

Do I have words of wisdom on this? Not really, all I know is that if I get up and start on the first thing on the list,  I see and do the next thing.  It is easier to continue because I am already busy, and so the day goes until I look back at the end of the day and realized that all those little things added up to a sizable chunk of the list to do. I never seem to completely clear my list because it is a constantly used home and it gets strewn and dishes get dirty.

For me the fight is all in how I look at it… not only the chores but just in life… it is all in how you see it and tackle it.


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