This is something that I think about fairly regularly… especially after a trip to Walmart. I hope you will share your thoughts and opinions on this.

Do we have a responsibility to be cheerful to those around us?

If you are in a pretty good mood and you go to the store and you go through the checkout line and the checker is just not in a good mood.. does she have some responsibility to be cheerful?

If you have a tough day either at home or work or whatever and you meet up with family, do you have some responsibility to be cheerful?

I know that we can’t always be in a good mood. I mean I have times when I can wither people with a look… but should I take it out on the checker or my daughter?

I think it is kind of sad that most of us are grumpy all the time. I am guilty of being grumpy too. The thing is we don’t always know what our actions or words do to someone else. Is it so hard to look up at the teenager at the drive up window at their name tag and say “thank you Mary.”?

I remember back around Christmas last year and I did the 26 random acts of kindness and people were just flabbergasted. I bought a small little thing of flowers at walmart and at the end, I handed her the flowers to the checker and she was speechless. Another time I just took a single cupcake to the bell-ringer and she hugged me and cried. … over a cupcake. But it wasn’t the cupcake, it was that someone did something nice for her.

Now I know we can’t always do things like that…. but we can smile or call people by name. We can hug and kiss our spouse. We can just say thank you or you’re welcome. We can say to the person behind us go ahead you only have two things. Those don’t cost anything at all.

I know that a lot of people will just not even think about a good deed … but I do think some do and I think that for some it can be a turning point in their day, as to the mood they are in.

So if we are in a bad mood ourselves is it fair to take it out on someone else? I am sure it has happened to you, doesn’t it just ruin your day?

Recently I was in a really angry place and I didn’t care who knew it or who got caught in it. I was lucky that my beloved kind of called me on it and I knew he was right. I started to make the changes that I needed to so that I could be my normal cheerful and happy self.

So do we have the responsibility as a citizen of the world to be nice and cheerful to others?


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