It is no secret that I LOVE warm fresh from the oven bread. I can barely wait until it is cool enough to cut! I start to drool when I smell it and the bell goes off… I am like Pavlov’s dog. I am standing there with a saucer and the apple butter!

So a couple of days ago was baking day and I have my bread all slathered with apple butter, and I bite into it…. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t quite right. It took me a couple of bites and a couple of minutes to realize I left out the salt. Who would have thought that a small amount of one thing would make such a difference. I have to tell you I will be feeding that to the chickens it is simply not good to me.

The recipe only calls for a teaspoon of salt… that is such a tiny amount in the recipe that makes two full-sized loaves!

I think that most things in life have a lesson for us if we pay attention.

Have you ever eaten or tried to eat something that was too salty? I have and again it is a small amount that ruins the whole dish.

I just got to thinking about all the ingredients that go into our lives… and how we have to learn how much of each thing we can tolerate and still be happy. Too much or too little of anything seems to make me miserable. I am one of those people who focus on something and I stay focused on it until I have exhausted it. Oh most of the time it is harmless…. I will get on a quilting jag and make 5 quilts before I stop… or I know way more than I will ever need to know about King Henry VIII and Doc Holiday, because they caught my attention one time.

Some things are not so innocuous though… too much honey and biscuits make my butt too big…. lol too much caffeine makes my heart race and feel like an anxiety attack. Too much news makes me angry and combative.

I guess I just saw in a bigger picture how the amounts of stuff affect our whole life. Not enough God and too much world, is a bad thing for me. Too much junk and not enough good nutritious food makes me have to take vitamins for 6 months.

Balance is hard for me it always had been I am an all or nothing thinker, but looking at it as a recipe gives me some perspective. Hope it does for you too.


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