Meek??? I don’t think I know that word….

Blesses are the MEEK, for they shall inherit the earth Mathew 5:5


Well I looked up MEEK in the dictionary, I knew what is meant, but wanted the exact definition.

1. Showing patience and humility; gentle.
2. Easily imposed on; submissive.
Ok I have to tell you like the old joke goes I skipped the line that was passing that out.  But then you all already know that.
It almost sounds like a bad thing to be, but it is in the list of qualities that God wants in us. (the Beatitudes) It isn’t really a surprise in that God often puts value on the things that the world shuns or belittles.
I spent a lot of years being quiet…. but it wasn’t the right thing BECAUSE it was all inside still and I just shut it up with food. I believe what is inside is more important that what is outside, and I think that what is inside WILL show up outside in time. Mine did.
When I stopped eating… I found my voice. That is a blessing and a curse. I am generally a blunt person, I don’t sugar coat stuff or play nice little PC (politically correct) games. This gets me in trouble.
Oh more than once I have learned WHY MEEK is good!
I am not a patient person…. I could write a book, I am just NOT. Not only am I not patient I will try to do it myself if it isn’t done fast enough!
Humility…. yeah… hmmm ok I missed that line too…. let me talk to God on that one….I am gonna need some help.
Submissive…. oh that is such a dirty word these days! “I WILL NOT be second!” “I WILL NOT let someone make decisions!” ” I WILL wear the pants in this family or I will just pout and sulk and withdraw affections!”
It isn’t like that. Recently. Gabriel Reese. commented that she is submissive to Laird Hamilton and the fall out was incredible. As someone who once was like… submissive … not in this lifetime! There is a blessing and peace in being what God tells you to be.
I am not a shrinking violet… like you all don’t know that… but I trust Bill to take care of us. I don’t meddle in the bill paying and the when there is a decision to make we talk about it, I say what I think and then he does what he thinks is best. He has NEVER once put himself and his wants ahead of me… not once in 28 years of marriage.
I don’t want to get off topic here.
Anyway, my point is that I fail so miserably at this…. and I want to be meek I really do… it is just that I have a problem when I see things that I believe are wrong, and I just have to say my piece… or as they say “bust a gut”.
Lord help me to be gentle, kind, quiet, and submissive and humble ….. I am going to need all the help I can get…..

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