Ok, I am ready to wade in…

I have thought long and hard about WORDS lately. Paula Deene and her troubles are part of the reason I have been thinking.

When you talk about words…. you have to address both sides. The person speaking the words and the one hearing the words.

The Bible has a lot to say about what damage the tongue can do. It tells us to be kind and loving. You know what though most of us don’t think about that before we just blurt out what is on our minds. I am the first to admit that the brake between my brain and mouth is broken, I have hurt people and I have been hurt.

This is the thing… words are what we give them, what meaning. What one person is hurt by another is not. We give the words worth. Now for instance… Paula used a word that I find offensive, BUT look… you  if decide that one word is bad or good based on WHO says it… if you call your buddy something and call it an endearment and then have a cow when someone else does. Do you see what I mean by the word is what we give it?

Now that is the hearer…. we take what is say and we decide if we are going to be hurt or be mad or just think the person is not someone we don’t want to be around.

Now the speaker… I pray all the time that my words will be slow in coming and thoughtful. I am blunt my nature and I know that I have hurt people and made them mad. Most of the time that was not intention.

We are responsible for the words that come out of our mouths. PERIOD. Waiting a few seconds to think….. are my words kind? are they loving…. will they help or will they hurt.

Now I know that there are some people who you just can’t win with… it doesn’t matter what you say really they will find a way to turn it make it hurtful. I think that this society of politically correct nonsense has given people the “right” to take offense over the silliest things.

As the saying goes … Lord put your arm around my shoulders and your hand over my mouth.

May my words go through the God filter….







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