There is no lightbulb, there is no magic switch

Most of this comes from my own personal experience and frankly you know the old saying…. takes one to know one… yeah I can totally see it in many.

When I was heavy, before the surgery, I used to think one day I will be thin and healthy. The main thing is that I never had a plan to get there, I assumed that there would be a big AHA moment. I would just suddenly change every single thing I was doing wrong.

I hear people say… Oh, I am getting ready to…. I just waiting for motivation…. I haven’t hit the wall yet… can I just say that those are excuses. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Yes, I have heard people say… well when that doctor told me I was going to have a heart attack and die… well something just clicked and I started to change…. hmm ya think? That is pretty brutal and as I said personal experience. I was told that and so many other things and STILL I was waiting for that magic moment when I would magically change.

I have heard people say… I sat in a chair and it broke! I was so embarrassed that I changed… Ok you were embarrassed and you change for a while but then people forgot and you learned to pick sturdier chairs… yep…

I have heard… I didn’t want to be a fat bride…. so  I dieted like crazy for a few months to have a nice memory …. a year later those pictures you took that day made you sad, because you looked to good but that was 50 pounds ago…..

You get the idea.

People wait for an event, they wait for a lightning strike, they wait for a chair to break or a heart attack to change….

I am here to tell you that it just doesn’t happen! Oh it may work for a while… but it never stays because it was based on an EMOTION! The emotion will fade and when it does… so does the motivation.

You only have lasting change when you want it and you commit to it. How many of those people on the biggest loser regain the weight when the contest is over? How many chubby wives were thin brides?

The point of all of this is YOU have to be your OWN light bulb, magic moment or whatever. YOU have to decide that no matter how you FEEL that day…. it is NOT tied to your body’s NEED of food.  NEED not want.

Stop waiting…. did you hear that Gina? STOP WAITING until tomorrow to take better care of YOU.

Start NOW this meal, this snack, this day!



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