As the back aches….

I swear it is like a soap opera.

I went to a neurologist back in January and he said physical therapy and pain management. After 5 sessions I hurt to the point of barely walking. By the time I was scheduled to see him again, he had stopped coming to the nearest town… so I went to my GP and he said he would take over the pain management. Then I called one day to make an appointment with my GP and I was told he retired…. sigh.

I went to another doctor that I had seen for other things, and she wasn’t comfortable doing the pain management. She would refill the daily stuff and the low doses of tramadol but not anything for the really bad days. There are days when I actually cry from the pain, especially if I am on my feet.

About a month ago I started to get the feeling of something crawling on me, or the cat rubbing against me…. there was nothing there. Creepy and annoying.

The neurologist was about to see me today… I just called yesterday. So he wasn’t able to see my scans and MRIs and all that. He had the good sense to say ok I am not going to order new tests we will look at the ones you already did, it hasn’t been that long.

He did some basic tests on my for weakness and stability. He asked about my toes, the curl even at rest and he said that it was a result of the nerve damage. He had me walk and said I have drop foot. He had me try to tippy toe and I couldn’t and walk with one foot immediately in front of the other and that was a no go as well. I basically have nerve damage and stemming from that there is weakness.

So… he doesn’t want me to do anything for a few days until he sees the tests from the old drs. but he says that the first thing we will try is to see if we can things more stable with the muscles and tendons. This is where I am concerned. I have gone to the chiropractor on and off and he told me that they had been stretched and were loose. I don’t know if it is possible to fix that.

He flat out told me that I am too young to have these type issues. He said that it was definitely related to the weight loss. I never had any nerve issues when I was a diabetic. I was only one for a couple of years. The surgery and weight loss ended the diabetes… but I will pay for the weight for the rest of my life.  If the muscle and such don’t work then he said. Have them fused or be in a wheel chair. Pretty sobering. He is deadly serious, didn’t sugar coat things which is the best for me.

I am taking a new medicine called Neurontin I have to work up to three 600 mg a day. He said it would be a bit sedating until my body adjusted, and that it should stop the nighttime twitching and jerking. One of the side effects is weight loss … I take one that makes me hungry so I am just hoping to be back to normal…  The other thing he did was up the dose for the hydrocodone.  I am still taking the other meds and frankly I just want to throw the whole thing in the toilet.

I see him again in 6 weeks but he said he would call when he got the records and let me know what he thought was best.

Sigh… I wonder if there IS an answer… it feels like they just add more medicines and hope that it fixes everything. I use the same pharmacy for all the scripts so they will know if things interact.

So that ends today’s episode of the back/hip saga.


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