I hate putting details on Facebook about my health. I can put it here and then those that want to know what is going on can read it.

The last couple of weeks I have been waking up with my hands sore and swollen. The soreness is very low on the scale. The swelling is high. My ankles nor any other part of my body is swollen. I can barely make a fist. I will tell you, sadly, my hands look better all plumped up.

As the day wears on the swelling goes down I have been up 2.5 hours I can make a loose fist but the skin feels… stretched. Of course I go to the internet to see what the doctors and “armchair drs” have to say. I don’t like any of the reasons for the swelling. The easiest treatment I saw was drink nothing but water because it could be dehydration… I don’t think that is the case. It might be too much salt… I guess it could be but I haven’t changed anything. The others next is a kidney or liver issue…. not ready to go there yet. There is no injury and if there were it like would only be one hand instead of both. The next one I saw was celiac disease. Thyroid issues ( I have that and have taken meds for it for 20 years so that is not likely, the dosage is checked yearly) the last one is carpel tunnel syndrome.  The scariest issue that I saw was the starting of Rheumatoid arthritis. I just not even going to entertain that at all.

For good measure I checked the side effects of the new medicine.  Nothing at all. Common sense tells me to start with the easiest treatment. Water… nothing but water, this will kill two birds with one stone. If I am dehydrated ( very very Iffy) or have too much salt in my body then it will flush it out. Now I just have to survive the withdrawal headaches.

The other thing,,,, for months I have been clumsy… I fell TWICE in one week not too long ago. The neurologist commented that I am losing my balance as I am unstable in my low back and hips. Strengthening certain muscle will help that some but it is from the nerve damage. I trip over anything, watching me when I first get up you would swear I was drunk. I have decided that this is where all the bruises come from. It is like being the ball in the pinball machine… ping, ping, ping as I go from one thing to the other. The pets are sometimes an issue. If they run in front of me I will sometimes stumble. There is one cat that is stupid… he likes to run right in front of me because he is leading me to his food dish so I will feed him the wet stuff he loves…. ok maybe he is so stupid after all.

I stay as busy as I can, deal with the pain as best I can, Life goes on regardless of what is or isn’t wrong with me.  I will see the nuero again in about 4 weeks and we will go from there.

So lift your glass of water and cheers to still living my life.


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