Have you seen my head?

I have been joking about the side effects of the newest medicine I am taking. The whole family jokes about it and I played too. I found the forgetfulness annoying but I was trying to deal with it. I am also not able to pull up words that I want to say. I have been having swelling in my hands when I wake up in the morning and some mild swelling all over.

This morning I wanted to get some cash from a debit card and I pulled up to the ATM and I could not recall the PIN number in fact I at that moment I couldn’t recall ANY PIN number on ANY card in my wallet… PINs that I have had for years! I have just used it in the Walmart!

I sat there crying… then fear starts… what if it is more than the medicine… what if there is something wrong with my brain? I am not someone to go looking up my symptoms on WebMD or whatever…


I just had a moment of fear… I hope they are few and very far between…



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