A couple of things are on my mind today… they are not related in anyway but I just want to write, because that is what I do.

Over the years I have had many men (out of earshot of their wives) tell me that they wished that their wives did things that I do. Baking, sewing, keeping house, cooking…. whatever the topic is. I look at the wife and I think if that is what you wanted why didn’t you marry a woman that was like that? NOW I am not saying that working woman are less!! DO NOT even go there. Many men want wives that work and all of that. I am just saying why didn’t you marry what you wanted, if that is what you want?

Now I will tell you that I spoil Bill and he spoils me. Food is cooking when he comes home. His sandwiches are on homemade bread, his breakfast burrito is with a homemade tortilla. His lunch is packed and ready in the fridge. The house is clean and the laundry is done. I honestly think that many men want this sort of set up but god help a man that says it publicly! That would never fly! I don’t know if there are many women that want to do what I do and that is ok. There is nothing wrong with women that work, I can’t say that enough.

I think that if a couple wants this they have to be prepared for it on both sides and as a couple. The man has to be willing and able to provide for them, and that very well mean that their style of living will be less than if the woman works. The woman has to be prepared to take control of the house and basically the day to day running of the lives of all that live there. I laugh when woman think I don’t work hard… I worked very hard everyday. However, I do think many women don’t do it properly. I admit that I do things that aren’t really called for. Like dehydrating foods that are plentiful of stocking the freezer in the summer. Make bread instead of buying it etc….

I got off topic a bit… but I do think that some men want this to varying degrees. They want to be taken care of by their wives and they want to take care of their families or wives. I believe that God made men and women with certain desires and these are a part of that but that this world has changed the rules.

I truly and deeply, love taking care of my family! I love to do things for my beloved, my kids and my monkey! I love to feed them and send stuff home with them. I know that I am blessed that God put this desire in my heart. I often hear my husband and my kids say… I don’t want to be a burden. I don’t understand that really, I don’t THINK I have ever made them feel that they are a burden in any way. I constantly tell them that they are no that I love doing stuff for them. Many times I even THINK they want something I will do it and then tell them so they don’t have to ask. I love when they want something from me.

Ok enough of that

The other thing… Oddly I was wandering aimlessly around walmart this morning.. usually it is in and out as fast as possible! I was in the less traveled section this morning I guess or maybe the boogie man really did eat all the bad kids… whatever it was quiet.

I looked over and saw winter hats and I sighed… then I ran into the Halloween section… It is easier to let a bit of sadness evade my day some days. This was a challenge to keep out. We live in a world that is so cyclical. I know that the seasons come every year and that we need to have warm clothes and all that stuff… it just seems like the stores and tv and any other way to get to us, just shoves us through life. It is August and 100 degrees is it necessary to have out a knit hat with ear muffins? Again it is Aug and halloween is two months away!

I think that a lot of people have a hard time living in the moment. We either wish we could change the past or we always think things will be better in the future. We are never allowed to live NOW. I am not blaming the stores, it really is up to us to stay in the here and now. I also understand planning ahead. I just think what if  the hats didn’t show up til say nov 1 around here. That is plenty of time to buy it before you need it …. IF you ever need it. What if say the halloween candy didn’t show up until the middle of Oct. What if the Christmas decorations and trees didn’t get put up until after thanksgiving? Look if you want to shop early for Christmas chances are that you are buying stuff that is already on the shelves.

We are just carried and pushed so hard. I just want to stop… I want to stay here and love my family and remember every little thing. I want my heart to take snapshots of my monkey. There is time for Halloween, and knit caps and Christmas in a couple of months. I am getting off the train…



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