So I had been posting a daily log on facebook. I had a good week, and a not so good week. I didn’t post an update at all yesterday.

I have been trying to go mostly protein, cutting out sweets and breads. It is hard for me as I crave the sugar.

I am a creature of habit. I am happiest at home with things going in the way they are supposed to. I simply get stressed when they don’t. The last week or so at my house has been anything but normal. Bill’s work caused a mess up in sleep patterns for us both. There have been health issues in our home, and I am worried about the constant aching in my fingers and hands and the swelling each morning. I am worried that it is arthritis, I already have it in my back and hips. I worry that this is something that God will ask of me, and I would want it just about anywhere but my hands. My hands that plays cars with wyatt and hangs out clothes in the sun and makes cookies and bread. I will talk to the neurologist on Friday to see if it could possibly be connected to the other stuff.  If he says no I will see another doctor to find out why they ache so bad.

As you can imagine I am not feeling calm and organized. I am still trying to eat sensibly. I am giving myself a break here in that I am trying to eat things that aren’t that bad for me. I am trying to limit the amount and how much I eat. I am very active in my house all day so I am not worried so much about exercise. I put on a pair of capris today that I really thought would be too tight to wear out of the house and they actually fit perfect so that was a bright spot.


It is not that I have decided to blow it all off, it is that right now I just think trying to be reasonable is the best way to go about this.


I guess that is all… thanks for reading


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  1. Well as hard as some of your days are… please know how much you inspire me. I think you are one of the most selfless, giving, caring, loving women that I know and I’m so proud to call you my friend…. I hope the pain you are feeling eases soon… I have RA and I know it’s a daily struggle with the pain I have from it. I am now on Embrel shots once a week and that has helped soooo much… they are crazy expensive but I can’t imagine getting through without my shot once a week. I will keep you in my prayers as always… love ya sister…. hugssssssssssssssss 🙂

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