I am nearsighted… in fact I am very nearsighted. I can only see things that are right in front of my face.  Oh, I have 20/20 vision.

So many days I can not see past the things of this world. I cannot see Heaven and God through the pain and suffering of this world. I cannot see God’s plan through the frustration of this world. When I look at this world, this government and where we are headed, I only see evil. It is hard for me not to let anger take over. VERY. HARD.

I have admitted it before that it hurts me less to be angry than to feel what I really feel… helpless and alone. Oh, I don’t mean that my family has skipped out or anything like that… it is just that at times it feels like God has packed up and left us to our own misery.

The thing is, I know that things must pass. It is in the Word. God wants to comfort me. He wants me to lean on Him. He wants me to know that while it may not look like it to my human eyes, He is still in charge. He wants me to grow my faith, He wants me to remember that this life is NOT all there is. He wants me to remember that I am a SOUL and HIS CHILD and that this life is only a vapor in time.

I am human though, and I lose sight of the things that are eternal. I forget that it doesn’t matter what happens to this body, that He will be there to welcome me to my TRUE and ETERNAL home.

The eternal is so much better than the present, so why do I have so much trouble focusing on that? I think it is because it is something that we can’t see and feel… it isn’t on the tv news, it isn’t online it isn’t REAL to my human mind… if that makes sense. I am not doubting it is there! It is the faith thing… it takes strong faith to life your eyes past the present and look up to a place that you can’t see.

I admit that fear is a real part of things in this…. as I child I had preachers up there screaming and pacing and telling of all these horrible things. Things that I wouldn’t have believed would EVER come to pass. Even 10 years ago I would have said that will never happen in this country… well it is happening.

Anger is tangible… it is a FEELING… fear is a FEELING. Faith is a quiet inner knowing that there are things that we can’t see but know are there. It is letting go of CONTROL. Fear and anger give a false sense of control… you think you are doing something.

So for me it is a constant battle to focus on what I know in my heart is true, and not focus on the things of a world that is evil and will pass away. God has not asked me to help Him in the ways things are playing out, but He has asked me to FEAR NOT and to BELIEVE.

Today I am going to focus on the things of Heaven.

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. Colossians 3:2