It is easy to simply say that life is about choices. Every single day we make choices… what to wear, what to eat, where to go and how to get there. We choose our words, often without thinking. We choose everything, and most of it is so engrained in us that we do it without thought.

There are other choices that we make that require not only thought but action. There are things that we choose to change about ourselves. Those things often require carefully thought out choices.

I am making a conscious decision to trust God and fear less. For me at this time it is HUGE. It is a conscious choice every time I want to eat to create a buffer (food and therefore weight) I am thinking about what I am doing. I want to change and change doesn’t happen on its own. A rock rolling down a hill will only change direction when it meets another rock or tree root. I used to just let life happen to me, thinking oh one day things will be better… but I never put thought or action into getting there.

Getting to where I want to be means that everyday for a long time I will be making the choice over and over all day long.

Life is CHOICES … where are your choices leading you?



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